ProBlogger On Your Windows 7 (or Vista) Desktop

If you spend most of your day being busy and chasing your tail as I do then you probably don’t get a whole lot of time to visit your favourite websites. In my case, that’s usually ProBlogger and SEOMoz and I find that when I do head over to those sites I find useful, interesting or really informative posts. I then spend a few seconds wondering how much wonderful stuff I missed since the last time I visited those sites.

I think RSS is great and all but I’m not into desktop RSS news readers. They remind me too much of email and I already spend WAY too much time doing email! I also find that I only look at them every few weeks and by then there are hundreds of articles in there and I just end up doing something ¬†else.

Anyway, long story short… I wanted a way to keep in touch with ProBlogger and SEOMoz without the drudgery of trawling through a bunch of articles and without being too distracted. The answer was to plug them into the ‘feed headlines’ gadget that comes with Windows 7. The task of setting that up presented me with a few little hurdles which I mention in the video that I created.



Naturally this will work with any of your favourite websites that has a RSS feed, but if you have an interest in blogging or SEO then you really should be checking out ProBlogger and SEOMoz anyway!

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