The Ultimate Facebook Plugin For WordPress

Our friends at WPMUDev have recently released a plugin which they have titled ‘The Ultimate Facebook Plugin’. Here is the list of features:

  • Facebook Connect – Allow, or force, users to register and login with their Facebook info – a login widget included
  • User Profiles – Automatically fill in fields in user profiles when they register
  • Autopost – Make it simple to post new content (custom post types as well!) to user’s walls, fan pages, events, or notes
  • Comments – Import comments made on Facebook about a post into your WordPress site
  • Like and Send Buttons – With every customization option imaginable – place on posts, pages, custom post types, or with available shortcodes
  • OpenGraph – Have complete control over the thumbnail image posted to facebook when users like/send or you autopost
  • Facebook Albums – Display images from a Facebook album – as a widget or using new icon in page/post editor
  • Facebook Events – Show upcoming facebook events in a sidebar or with shortcodes
  • Fan Page Widgets – Like box, facepile, and recommendations – with complete customization options built right in

Like they say – it really is the ultimate Facebook plugin. I’ve just recently installed it here on my blog and I have to say the installation instructions were very easy to follow and the installation went flawlessly. That’s a major plus as plugins such as this one require that you register a Facebook ‘application’ and give it some permissions. That was accomplished by clicking a couple of links in the plugin settings area and following a few basic instructions.

If it does everything as advertised then the Ultimate Facebook plugin is going to become one of the standard plugins that I will install to all of my blogs.

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