What Does Success Mean To You?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Belinda Pearl from Australian Active Aim and we were talking about business, success and how success is defined. At one point Belinda asked me the question ‘What does success mean to you?’. Now if you had asked me at any time prior to that night whether I knew how success was defined or measured I probably would have very confidently said ‘yes – I know exactly how success is defined’. I’ve been studying personal development for the past few years, so I would be the guy who could answer that question, right?


As I prepared to answer this important question I floundered. It seems that whilst I’ve been studying, listening and reading about everything that makes a successful person tick, I’ve never really thought about what success means to ME. It really troubled me that I wasn’t able to answer. Think about it for a moment – if you want to be successful in life and work and relationships and family, wouldn’t it be a pre-requisite that you actually know what success means to you before you go about the task of obtaining it?

Over the next couple of days after talking with Belinda I thought a lot about what success really meant to me. I knew that it wasn’t about money or Ferraris or anything like that, but I couldn’t really put my finger on what it REALLY meant. I thought about how I felt right now and what I wanted out of life. I thought about my family, the people I know and how success would fit in with those relationships. Eventually I came up with an answer that I think is about as close as I can get at defining what success means to me, so I emailed Belinda with my answer:

Success, to me, means being confortable and grateful.

Comfortable with my lifestyle and grateful for what I have.
Comfortable with my family and grateful for who they are.
Comfortable with my business and grateful for my good fortune.
Comfortable with my associates and grateful for their help and advice.
Comfortable with myself and grateful for who I have become.

That is my definition of what success means to me. As I explained to Belinda, I have work to do in each of those areas but at least now I know exactly what it is I am aiming for. I wrote those things down on the back of a business card and I now carry that message in my wallet so that I can memorise it and remind myself about how I will feel when I achieve success.


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